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Minimums For Private Air Cargo Shipment: 3 Days after goods are received. 

 KN95/FFP2 Respirator Masks #4 (Min Quantity 2,000,000)

N95 NIOSH-certified Respirator Masks #5 (Min Quantity 2,000,000)

Surgical Masks #3 (Min Quantity 2,000,000)

COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test Kits #8 (Min Quantity 500,000)

 Disposable Medical Isolation Gown #12 (Min Quantity 500,000)

 Transparent Face Shield # 1 (Min Quantity 500,000)

 Powder-free Latex Gloves # 7 (Min Quantity 1,000,000)

 Minimums For Commercial Air Carriers: 30 days after goods are received. 

 KN95/FFP2 Respirator Masks #4 (Min Quantity 100,000)

 N95 NIOSH-certified Respirator Masks #5 (Min Quantity 500, 000)

 Surgical Masks #3 (Min Quantity 500,000)

 COVID-19 Antibody Blood Test Kits #8 (Min Quantity 100,000)

 Disposable Medical Isolation Gown #12 (Min Quantity 100,000)

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